Viva la diva, viva la view!

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Viva la diva, viva la view!

Posted by twopix on September 16, 2019
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Close your eyes and imagine an ideal scene for your holidays. A wonderful villa, a heated infinity pool, elegant surroundings, innovative high-tech details to make your accommodation carefree. Now, add absolute privacy and luxury to all these. The luxurious villa, the private beach, the private yacht (yes, you can add that to the picture, too), the amazing landscape all around. Now let us give all these a name: Viva La Diva Estate in Corfu, Greece.

Wake up early, choose your spot among the estate and have your morning coffee gazing over the Ionian Sea while the sun is rising. Feel free to relax and plan your vacation, spend the whole day in the private beach or explore the unreached shores with the private yacht.

Your day is about to become even more beautiful as soon as you open the large sliding windows and feel the freedom and the air of the sea, as if you were on the deck of a boat, while enjoying a mouthwatering meal and a fine wine.

Relax in one of the seven different suites and let your dreams come true in the most mesmerizing view!

Viva la diva, viva la view!

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