Terms of participation/ Booking & cancellation policy

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Terms of participation/ Booking & cancellation policy

  1. Prices are determined by the number of participations, as they are indicated on the detailed price list which comes with the travel brochure. For less than 3 people the trip is considered private and the price is determined after request.
  2. The trip’s participation fee is prepaid in its entirety at the time of the booking, otherwise the company maintains the right to consider that the booking is not confirmed.
  3. Payment methods: Credit card, cash, deposit into a bank account
  4. Charge for children: 0-3 free of charge, 4-12 50% of the price, 13+ 100% of the price. If discount is to be applied, the child’s age must be declared at the booking and be proven by any legal identity document.
  5. Booking’s Cancellation Policy: a) in case the client demands the cancellation of his booking up to eight (8) days before the departure date, no cancellation fees are owed and 100% of the price paid is refunded, b) in case the client demands the cancellation of his booking seven (7) to four (4) days before the departure date, cancellation fees are owed, which account for 50% of the price paid. Booking’s cancellation is not possible three (3) days before the departure date or earlier and until the departure date and in case the client demands the booking’s cancellation in this period 100% of the price paid shall be forfeited as penalty in the form of cancellation fees. The above cancellation fees, where applicable, are agreed as reasonable and just penalties, who are forfeited in favor of the company for its unproven damage caused by the delayed cancellation of the booking.
  6. In case the client does not show up (non-show) he is charged with 100% of the price paid as just and reasonable penalty.
  7. The company reserves the right to cancel the trip without compensation. The company reserves the right not to realize the trip by refunding the prepayment without paying any other compensation in case there is no minimum number of three (3) participants who confirmed their reservation.
  8. The participants are obligated to carry with them and present the documents proving their booking and the payment for their participation and have them available upon request.
  9. The departure date and time, as well as the exact gathering and departure point can be changed and this is at the discretion of the company. In this unexpected case the company will inform about this before the departure by telephone or email, which are considered adequate and enough information. This change as well as the non-receipt or the not on time receipt of the information do no consist a reason for complaint against the booking by the client and in case he / she does not show up cancellation fees will be owed as non-show.
  10. The clients must be at the departure point which has been indicated at least ten (10) minutes before the determined departure time. The clients must arrive at the appointed hour, whereas their delayed arrival may result to their charge with cancellation fees 100% and there is no obligation to wait for them or to receive them from another point apart from the determined departure point. The company reserves the right of unannounced change of transportation means and determined routes depending on the conditions and the needs of the trip.
  11. The clients are covered by civil liability insurance, as provided by law, during the entire trip. The company does not bear any responsibility for the loss, damage or destruction of clients’ personal property during the trip caused by any reason, as well as for no indirect or further loss of them caused by the loss or damage of property or by delay.
    The company’s liability is restricted to the extent of the insurance coverage. The company is exempted from any liability for any loss or damage, material and body, even death by any cause, when these are due to events of force majeure.
  12. The acceptance of domestic animals is exclusively left to the discretion of the company.
  13. The prepayment or total payment for the confirmation of the booking consists unconditional acceptance of all the above terms by the Client and the persons that he accompanies or represents and those that are under his / her custody or parental responsibility.
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