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An ideal tour for getting to know some important cultural elements of the city of Thessaloniki, combined with a unique wine experience. Learn all about the production of fine wines through a visit to an excellent winery outside Thessaloniki and participate in a wine-tasting designed for true wine lovers. Come and join us!


First we meet the guide at the hotel. The beginning of this tour in the city of Thessaloniki is dedicated to admiring two of its historical and religious landmarks: The Rotonda and the Church of Saint Dimitrios. The first stop is the Rotonda, one of the most important and oldest monuments of the city, built in 304 A.D. by the Roman Emperor Galerius. After an interesting guided tour of Rotonda, we will continue on our way to the Church of Saint Dimitrios, the patron saint of Thessaloniki. It is truly worth visiting both for its historical and religious significance.

Moving on, we will visit a beautiful vineyard in the area of Epanomi, just outside the city, to admire the lush greenery surrounding it and visit an exquisite local winery. After an extensive tour of the site, A wine-tasting will allow visitors to sample a variety of delicious wines, accompanied by a Mediterranean gastronomic experience. It is ideal for those of you who love fine wine and appreciate the best culinary flavours. We will then return to the hotel.



1st stop - Morning

Meet your guide at your hotel and then visit Rotonda in Thessaloniki. Start your tour with an interesting visit in one of the most important and oldest monuments of Thessaloniki. Rotonda was built in 306 AD by the Roman Emperor Galerius. It is a site of intense religious background since in 400 AD it was turned into a church and it was masterfully decorated with some of the most captivating Early-Christian mosaics and depictions of several saints and martyrs. Even though it kept its Christian identity for more than 1,200 years, it was converted into a mosque in 1590 AD, when Greece was under the Ottoman rule. Your experienced guide will provide all the details concerning the monument’s history and will take you on a journey back in time – many centuries ago.

Church of St. Dimitrios

2nd Stop

The construction of the Church of St. Dimitrios is considered to have taken place around the 4th century BC, when a small Christian temple was built on the site of the older Roman baths. Almost a century later, the original building was demolished and a new three-aisled church replaced it. The final formation was given between the years 629-634 AD. Nowadays, it has the shape of a five-aisled church with an extra aisle attached to it on the side. The truly unique hexagon shrine of the temple is especially interesting. Apart from a richly painted and marble decoration, the interior is also full of even older masterfully designed mosaics dating to the 5th century and characterized by unique beauty and special value.

Vineyards of Epanomi

3rd Stop

Experience a wine tour in the vineyards of Epanomi. Through a tour around the lush green and charming vineyards of the Estate, you’ll learn about the composition of the soil needed when planting the specific grape varieties, whether Greek or foreign ones. Also, you’ll be informed about the way the climate conditions have an effect on the production of exceptional wines.

Wine Tasting


Then, you’ll taste a variety of fine wines, white or red ones, aged or fresh ones, single-variety or blended ones, and try to recognise the pleasant aromas each one of them wafts out when you swirl them. You may distinguish between a variety of flavours such as fruity or flowery ones, herbal or mineral ones. This fascinating wine tour, also, includes unique gastronomic experiences. With a glass of wine in your hands, you will proceed in tasting Mediterranean flavours that will surely move you.

Wine Museum

Noon/Afternoon - Return

In between the tour through the vineyards and the wine-tasting experience, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the winery’s museum where a variety of exhibits is housed. Among the displays is an exceptional private collection of refined bottle-openers belonging to the owner of the winery. While you admire the exhibits, the experienced oenologist will inform you about the wide range of amphorae and other vessels that were used in the past to store and transfer wine.

Return to your hotel.
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