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A get away to two beautiful cities near Thessaloniki: Naousa, the city of fine wines, and Veria, the city of high cuisine with a unique cultural element. We will take a tour of an exceptional winery and learn all about the elaborate process of wine production while also participating in an unforgettable wine-tasting. In Veria, we will uncover the cultural highlights of the city, before enjoying a luscious lunch in a fine-dining restaurant. Come with us!

After meeting our guide, we will depart for Veria where we will begin our tour with a stroll around this beautiful city and its cobbled alleys, gradually unfolding the cultural elements that it holds. We will see Apostle Paul’s Tribune, a significant   religious monument dedicated to Apostle Paul, where  this remarkable figure is shown standing on the Roman steps where he used to preach and inspire worshippers. We then move on to the Old Metropolis, a beautiful three-aisle basilica. We will follow the traditional streets of Veria, surrounded by old mansions, and reach the Jewish district of the area called Barbouta, lying on the banks of the Tripotamos river. After learning about the customs of its past inhabitants, we will visit the Jewish Synagogue, the oldest one in Greece.

Heading towards Naousa, an elaborate tour of the Chrysohoos estate awaits us. We will wander around the verdant vineyard and meticulous underground cellars, where we hear about all the details that must be perfected to produce exquisite wine, such as the soil and the terroir, and about the impressive wine varieties cultivated at the vineyard. At the end of the tour, we will have the opportunity to take part in an exclusive wine-tasting, trying varieties such as the famous Xinomavro and the rare Preknadi, accompanied by delightful local delicacies.

The last part of our tour takes us back to Veria. For lunch we have selected an alternative taste of Mediterranean cuisine in a restaurant characterized as the ‘gastronomic jewel of Veria’, a space of incomparable aesthetic with dishes prepared by a renowned chef. After lunch we return to Thessaloniki.







Meet your guide and depart from Thessaloniki to Veria.


11:00 – 12:45


Upon arrival, you’ll begin your tour in the Jewish district of Barbouta which is located in the north-western edge of the city. A walk through the pebbled alleys, with the emblematic mansions standing on both sides of the road, will take you through the history of the area. Discover the customs and traditions of the habitants that lived there while exploring the secret paths of the neighbourhood.
Barbouta expands next to the River Tripotamos. The sound of the raging river together with the lavish greenery that grows on the banks creates a unique natural landscape. When strolling through what used to be the Jewish minority neighbourhood, time freezes and a journey back in time begins!

13:45 – 14:30


Next, you’ll visit the Chrysochoos Estate. An interesting wine tour is about to take place! There is no better way to get acquainted with the varieties planted in the area and the terroir of the region than to walk through the remarkable vineyards of the Estate. The vineyards change colour according to the time of the year. The cellar, a place of aesthetic appeal, follows next. The room reflects the vintner’s personal zest and love for his work. The red scented wines, which are aging in the oak barrels, are ready to satisfy even the most demanding wine lovers. Then, you’ll continue with a visit to the Museum that houses a variety of wine displays.

At the end of the tour, a wine tasting experience awaits for you.


The labels originate from different varieties cultivated in the Estate such as Xinomavro, one of the most famous varieties of the area, and Preknadi, one of the rarest ones.

15:00 – 16:30


The time to have a fine meal has come! In Veria, you’ll have the opportunity to taste alternative twists of Mediterranean flavours together with Greek quality wine in a beautiful atmosphere. The restaurant is housed in a listed building right next to the old Karachmet Bridge and overlooks the fascinating Tripotamos River. The plates reflect the local gastronomy and bear the signature of an exceptional Greek chef.
  • Transportation in  luxury air-conditioned vehicles
  • Tour of the city of Veria by a certified guide
  • Admission to archaeological site
  • Admission to the winery and its museum
  • Wine-tasting of 3-4 labels, mostly of  local varieties of Xinomavro & fine local products
  • Full-course meal accompanied by fine wine
  • Anything not mentioned above
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  • Pricing Name: 3 persons
    Min Group Size: 3 pax
    Max Group Size: 13 pax
    price: € 203 /Person
  • Pricing Name: 4 persons
    Min Group Size: 4 pax
    Max Group Size: 13 pax
    price: € 167 /Person
  • Pricing Name: 5 persons
    Min Group Size: 5 pax
    Max Group Size: 13 pax
    price: € 145 /Person
  • Pricing Name: 6 persons
    Min Group Size: 6 pax
    Max Group Size: 13 pax
    price: € 131 /Person
  • Pricing Name: 7 persons
    Min Group Size: 7 pax
    Max Group Size: 13 pax
    price: € 151 /Person
  • Pricing Name: 8 persons
    Min Group Size: 8 pax
    Max Group Size: 13 pax
    price: € 140 /Person
  • Pricing Name: 9 persons
    Min Group Size: 9 pax
    Max Group Size: 13 pax
    price: € 131 /Person
  • Pricing Name: 10 persons
    Min Group Size: 10 pax
    Max Group Size: 13 pax
    price: € 123 /Person
  • Pricing Name: 11 persons
    Min Group Size: 11 pax
    Max Group Size: 13 pax
    price: € 118 /Person
  • Pricing Name: 12 persons
    Min Group Size: 12 pax
    Max Group Size: 13 pax
    price: € 113 /Person
  • Pricing Name: 13 persons
    Min Group Size: 13 pax
    Max Group Size: 13 pax
    price: € 95 /Person

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