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Greece: [Hellas (Greek: Ελλάδα)], is a republic located in Southern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula.
A recognized cradle of western civilization, Greece is where the first democratic states in history, appeared.

Capital of the State: Athens

The Language of Greece: The official language of the country is Greek. Most Greeks speak English and fewer speak Italian, German and French.

Geography: Greece counts thousands of small islands in the Aegean, the Mediterranean and the Ionian Seas, but only around 200 of them are inhabited. Almost eighty percent of the country’s territory consists of hills and mountains. The highest mountain of the country is the mythical abode of the Greek Gods -Mount Olympus with Mitikas being the highest peak (2,918 m).

Weather in Greece: The country is divided into several climatic zones. The climate of Northern Macedonia and Northern Εpirus is the same with the one in the Balkan Countries – with cold winters and very hot and humid summers. At the same time in Attica, the Cyclades and the Dodecanese Islands, the island of Crete and Central Peloponnese, the Mediterranean climate is dominant with dry, hot summers and mild winters.

State Structure of Greece: Greece is a parliamentary republic. The President, elected by the Parliament every five years, is the Head of State. The Prime Minister, elected every four years, is the Head of Government.
The current Constitution of Greece came into force on 11 June 1975. The political regime is democratic.

Religion of Greece: The Constitution of the country officially recognizes Eastern Orthodoxy as the state’s main religion while it gives freedom of religious belief to all.

Currency of Greece: The currency unit of the state is Euro. Most shops accept credit cards as a type of payment. ATMs can be found in any touristic zone and in every city with an operating bank.

VAT: The VAT in Greece is 8-24%. There is a tax-free system in the country, which means that you will be able to receive back some of the money spent. Do not forget to get a special receipt in the shops with the inscription tax-free. After giving the receipt to the officer at the customs, you will receive the relevant money amount within a month.

VISA: Schengen

Customs Restrictions: It is permissible to import: up to 1- 2 lts of strong alcoholic beverages. Tobacco products: a quantity of 200 cigarettes / 50 cigars / 250g of tobacco. Photographic and video equipment, sports equipment (1 unit per tourist). The declaration of any amount exceeding € 10000 is mandatory. Exporting historical objects from the excavation sites is threatened with criminal prosecution.

Pet Import Regulations
Required documents:

  • Veterinary passport for a pet
  • Electronic microchip – identification
  • A valid European veterinary passport of a domestic pet on an international flight
  • A document proving the vaccination against rabies

It is strongly recommended that you read the rules for the transportation of pets via a particular airline before booking the relevant tickets.

Tipping: In the restaurants and taverns, the tip is not included in the bill amount, so leaving it or not depends on the client’s desire. It is customary, but not mandatory.

Security: As in many tourist countries, street theft is common in Greece. So, do not transfer large amounts of money with you and do not leave valuable things unattended.

Medicine: Before leaving for Greece, it is important to purchase an insurance and specify how the payment of medical services will be made (whether payments from the insurance company will go directly to the medical institution or the money will be returned to you).

Country Code: +30


  • TOURISTICAL POLICE (Athens): 171 ,
  • TOURISTICAL POLICE (for the rest Regions): 922-7777
  • POLICE: 100
  • FIRST AID: 166

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